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Fungal Rashes

Fungal infections of the skin can affect any part of the body and are particularly common in humid climates. Common rashes and infections include:

- Tinea Versicolor: appears as white, pink or brown scaly patches commonly on the trunk and arms

- Tinea Corporis (body) or Cruris (groin): appears as reddish or brown patches with a raised edge in the form of a ring (“ringworm”)

- Tinea Pedis (feet): appears as powdery scales, bumps with scaly rashes or blisters on the soles of the feet or toewebs

- Onychomycosis: appears as white, brown or green opacities of the nails

Treatment options include:

- Topical creams

- Shampoos and powders

- Oral antifungal medications

- Surgical nail avulsion (severe infections of the nail)

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